Today Variable Data Printing (VDP) is an integral part of printing and processing as it caters to a large volume of customers. It automates the process so that each print product looks as if it has been exclusively designed and printed for an individual person. Smartly executed, it maximizes the relevance of your print product with your customers requirement.

With the help of advanced machineries, printers and application techniques PSIPL offers you a wide range of services to meet all your requirements at one place.

  • We specialize in high volume Variable Data Processing and Printing like Bank statements, Billing documents, Statement of Transactions, Account Statements, Account Opening Forms, DIS Booklets & all other personalized items etc.
  • The data received from the client is processed in one of the most advanced application used globally and is transformed into printable format.
  • We have the technology for the Variable Data Printing on cards in the form of Embossing, Printing, Indenting etc.
  • We have served our client's with unbelievably huge volumes of Variable Data Printing, within the given scheduled time with utmost accuracy.

  • Complete Security oriented work atmosphere help us to maintain Data Integrity.
  • We excel in superior technology, compact design & instilling craftsmanship with our art machinery and modern equipment.
  • Our in-house developed and customized software helps us to maintain the complete MIS record about the number of prints, wastages & jams. This helps to retain the confidentiality even during production.

The complete in-house infrastructure helps us to print and supply 55 million pages per month and the same is increasing at regular intervals to meet the client's raised expectations.