Traditional but still latest...!!!

We have state-of-the-art printing machines from Heidelberg, Mitsubishi equipped with Computerized control of Registration, Inking and Dampening. Press activity is smoothly run by responsible production department having technical experts.

We excel in superior technology, compact design & instilling craftsmanship with our art machinery and modern equipments in various sections like Offset Printing & Press Machines, Letter Processing / Folder Machine etc.

Digital Trend...!!!

Apart from the offset Machines, we are fully occupied with the digital machines for personalization of the documents as and when required by the client.

Our Printing technology comprises the total capacity of 55 million pages per month.

We Possess high end machineries like HP Indigo5600 (Digital Press) which can print on any material be it paper, plastic or any substrate for that matter.

This machine uses unique liquid HP Electro Ink producing superior color tones and offers an extended product life, adding value to our fully functional color department. Each print receives the highest level of attention to quality, color balance, and fabrication from our experienced team of professionals.

We ensure the standards of Color Management with regularly calibarated display monitors and Printers using X-Rite Spectrophotometers. Thereby ensuring that we are viewing and reproducing the most accurate colors.